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About Us

Kalyoncu African Studies Centre (KASC) was founded in 2017 by the Nigerian origin scholar Dr. Kieran E. Uchehara at Hasan Kalyoncu University. Since its establishment, KASC has organized conferences, speaking series, and panels; published reports, books and articles; and tried to reach out Africans living in the city of Gaziantep and Turkey.

KASC is dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of the peoples and countries of Africa and the African diaspora abroad.

We seek to promote an informed, balanced and a representative understanding of the African continent and Africans globally. Our work aims to draw attention to African continent as a whole while also identifying where new approaches might be needed.

Africa as a continent may currently be considered to be a minor player on the international stage of economic and political issues. Its role appears set to increase sharply in the coming decades. The human energy, the cultural diversity, the harmony, and the creativity of Africans from Mediterranean coasts to the Cape of Good Hope, from the Atlantic Coast to the Indian Ocean, makes it more than ever the continent of hope and opportunity.

The African Studies Centre at the Hasan Kalyoncu University provides strategic guidance and coordination for Africa-related issues such as education, research, and public awareness. It aims to promote opportunities for collaboration with African partners on the continent and abroad.

KASC fosters interdisciplinary research to find imaginative solutions to contemporary social, cultural, economic and environmental problems. As the political, social development and urbanisation of Africa has immediate and long-term effects on the economies and environment of African countries, KASC has designed its main activities to hosting extension lectures and public seminars to apply research results for the benefit of society and providing research information and network building.